BariBariBaseball3 (Windows 7・8・10・11)

Audio Game

It is a baseballGame.

I have released this game for free. I apologize to those who purchased. (It is difficult to develop and maintain the game, and it is difficult to answer your request. Thank you for your understanding.)

I changed the server. You can't play online in old games. You can play internet games with new games, so please download from here again


Penant race,World congress


Keys list

Internet game

Team Model


Game Sound (wmv file)

Screen Image

Download File(800MB)

The file is compressed. After uncompressing, run BariBariBaseball3.exe. Please use the following serial numbers.

Public Serial Number: ENJANMIQXCCJVAGY

Press the 'Copy to Clipboard' button to copy the serial number to the clipboard, so you can easily register it by selecting 'Paste from Clipboard' when you first start the program.

If the message "Your PC has been protected by Windows" is displayed when you start the program for the first time, please select More Info and then Run to start the program.

The new SAPI is not supported. At startup, select "Yes" for "Is a sound read out by a program?". 

Notes on playing online

The online game may be terminated without notice.

Before playing online, please register your nickname and other information in the menu Net - Register online.

NET Framework 4 is required when playing online, please install it from here.

Please note that there is no guarantee or support for operation.

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