BariBariBaseball Internet game

Net play may stop at the convenience of the server.

The trial version is up to three inning in a match between the product version you can select up to nine inning.

Using the Internet, You play a game with a partner.

Before you can play an Internet game, registration is required.

You must register online before you can play in this mode.

You choose a partner from a list of people that are online at the moment.

You select your partner with the spacebar or the enter key.

Note: Your request to play may be declined.

You can send messages to your partner before the game.

These messages show up in a list.

If the opponent has acknowledged, is the start of the game.

If you called the game, you can choose who plays first and after the attacks, the number of inning, the DH system.

Set the number of inning with each other, the smaller will be chosen.

Relief and can be used, pinch hitter, as well as stolen bases.

However, the manual card hit, the throw can not be selected.

During the game, you can from Etc card of the game screen, make the exchange of messages.

Net play, rather than the computer, it will be against a person, or if you errand, to cut short, please send a message word.