BariBariRacing3 Description

@ Course

Course has three types.

Straight course

Left-hand curve

Right-hand curve

If your car is moving the left-hand curve, you will arrive early in the next block and run the leftmost lane.

When your car move the right-most lane, it will take time to arrive at the next block.

(In the right curve it will have the opposite)

In the course, your car can move the left and right five lanes.

Right and left end of the five lanes will be the curb, Tire will wear.

To exit the block at the shortest, to the left of the lane in the left-hand curve, the right curve is to move to the right lane.

However, the curb is a careful because the tire is worn, Your car can no longer have operation of the steering wheel.

Left and right movement on the course is 5 lane. Both ends will wear the tire becomes the curb.

@ The road surface

Normal road surface is asphalt.

In Cannonball mode, in addition to asphalt, there are some of the road surface.

Ice road: Handle does not work.

River of the road: The car will be flowed to the left and right of the road.

Mines of the road: The mine field.It will explode and bad luck.

Item of the road: Your car can pick up the item in the A key. When the bad luck, the item is disappear,or the car will explode.

Pitt: When you press the A key, the damage to the car, tire damage, gasoline is restored.

Wasteland of the road: The tire will wear.

Items prohibited: Items not accepted.

@ Car models

Standard car:No items. Gasoline 20% more.

Racing car:Nitro, Drill, Spare tire

Tank: Missile, Oil, Laser

Plane: Thunder, Transparent, Fly

UFO: Change, Shield, Warp

Thief car: When win the collision with the car, you can take away one item.

Robot car: Super Bomb, Recovery, Slow

@ Items

Nitro: A short period of time, Your car will accelerate.

Drill: Take a drill from the left and right of the car, you win the collision with the car.

Spare tire: Your car will recover the wear of the tire.

Missile: Your car fired a missile, and track the first place of the car, crash.

Oil: Oil is sprinkled, it can crash the back of the car.

Laser: It will crash the car running in front of the lane.

Thunder: Your car will raise the thunder. And hit the car crashes.

Transparent: Your car is transparent, you can not see from others. Position is hidden, it will not be to the target.

Fly: Your car is a little bit of time, it flies in the sky. Ignore the mine, it does not collide with other cars.

Change: You change your car and the first place of the car model.

Shield: Shields up. It is not an attack of items from other cars.

Warp: It will warp one block away.

Super Bomb: It will crash a wide range of other cars.

Recovery: It will recover the damage of your car.

Slow: You make the first place of the car go slower.