BariBariRacing3 Keys list

@ Select a menu

* Up key, Down key : Select menu

* Enter key,Space key : Determined

* ALT key : Move to menu

@ During a game

* Left key, Right key: Move the car to the left and right

* Up key: You use the turbo. Speed goes up, but you use a large amount of gasoline.

* Down key: stop the car

* A key: If you press the A key on the item road, to get the item.In addition, when you press on the pit, the car will stop, you can recover the damage and gasoline.

* Z key: You will use the first item

* X key: You will use the second item

* C key: You will use the third item

* V key: Use the items you picked up an item road

* Enter key,Space key: Stop the race, to display the race situation

@ During a game in the information

* Up key, Down key: Select menu

* Right key: Move to the child item.Beep will sound if there is no item.

* Left key: Move to the parent item.Beep will sound if there is no item.

* PageUp key, PageDown key: Select menu.(on a page-by-page basis)

* Home key: Move to the first item

* End key: Move to the end item

* Enter key,Escape key: It will return to the race.

* ALT key: Move to menu

@Volume settings

* Up key, Down key :Select

* Enter key,Space key : Play sound

* Left key, Right key : Volume change