BariBariRacing3 Summary

It is a racing game. (1VS1 or maximum 1VS9)

You are the winner if you pass through the goal in first place.

You will run your car without any key operation. However, it will change the distance to the goal by the position of the road.

If your car is moved over the curb and Wasteland of the road will not move the handle to the tire is worn.

Once you are in the back of the other car, to enter the slipstream.Cars that are in the slip stream faster. The car does not use gasoline.

When you use the turbo, the speed of the car will increase, but you will use a lot of gasoline.

There are seven types of cars. Other than standard car is equipped with three kinds of items.

Car crash, the walls of the collision, items of attack, such as by car mine will damage.

When your car reaches its full amount of damage, the game is over.

Too much turbo, the game is over when the gasoline is zero.

The race will stop when you press the enter key, and you can get information about the race.

You play against the computer, you can Internet game.

Internet game, LAN play is a human opponent, but it is 1VS1.

Internet game is a play against a user who uses the Internet.

LAN play, such as in the home, is the competition with the other within the same router.